bObsweep Intelligent Floor Cleaner Review

The bObsweep Intelligent Floor Cleaner is recommended to others by those who have purchased this fun appliance. Keeping the floors debris free and fresh has never been easier! The vacuum cleaner is one of a line of robot cleaners that is designed to sweep the floor and vacuum the carpet while you are free for other tasks or while you are away at work. There is an extra large dustbin that will hold up to one liter. It does not fill as quickly as the dust bins on comparable robot sweepers. The main brush is also oversized and it works with a rubber sweep similar to a dustpan and broom action. There are two spot cleaning modes. One is a zig zag motion and the other a spiral motion. There are three speeds for cleaning that are slow, medium, and fast. This vacuum has all the features that are standard on robot cleaners. bobsweep intelligent floor cleaner bObsweep Intelligent Floor Cleaner Review This particular brand is really four cleaners in one. The vacuum cleaner will sweep, mop and vacuum your floors. All the cleaning processes are done with a UV light that disinfects during the cleaning processes. The bObsweep is programmable for the days and the time of day when you want the robot to clean for you. The cleaner will perform the chores assigned and when the programmed cleaning cycle is finished the robot will go back to the charging station to re-charge for the next cleaning cycle. Homeowners who have used this system report that they will never be without the robot help again! They reported that their weekly vacuuming chores can now be done every other week and they have more quality time with the family. Some consumers reported that they program the robot to clean while they sleep and others program the robot to work while they are away. Click here to view price of bObsweep Intelligent Floor Cleaner

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