George Foreman GRD10GFBC Review: Large 10 x 16-Inch Electric Griddle

I read the reviews and went to to purchase my George Foreman GRD10GRBC Large 10-Inch x 16-Inch Electric Griddle for CDN $38.71. This is a grill for use with preparing meals for the family. It measures 10×16 inches and doubles as a warming unit for serving buffet style! The surface is coated to be nonstick making clean up very easy. When grilling fatty cuts of meat the grill surface is designed to allow this fat to drain away. This means grilling on this appliance will produce a healthier dish! The handles are cool to touch and after the unit has cooled, I pull out the drip tray, empty it, and toss it into the dishwasher.
george foreman grd10gfbc George Foreman GRD10GFBC Review: Large 10 x 16 Inch Electric Griddle

I wanted to try this appliance out and I decided to grill pork chops, squash, and onions. I followed the instructions in the easy to read manual and made sure the drip tray was securely in place. Pork chops don’t put off a lot of grease, but I had marinated the vegetables in some flavored oil. The grill preheat indicator came on showing that the grill was coming up to temperature. Be sure to follow the grilling chart for recommend settings until you are familiar with using the appliance. The preheat process will take about five minutes, but you won’t have to time it because the indicator light will go off. Don’t be alarmed when the light turns on and off during the cooking process. This is normal! Don’t use cooking spray on the surface of the grill. If you want to lightly oil the grill, do so before the preheat process. I placed the pork chops on the grill and waited to place the vegetables on until the pork chops were partially cooked. After cooking process is complete, remove food, and allow unit to cool. When cooled, wash the removable parts with warm water and soap and dry thoroughly with paper towels.

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