AKDY 36″ Euro Style Az610i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood

Many are the times when I have been disappointed by any Island Mount Range Hood which I purchased in the past. The past ones were difficult to remove, and caused me untold headache. Thus far, I’m yet to come across one which is easier to maintain than the AKDY 36″ Euro Style Az610i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood. It is an energy efficient product and even when it is not in use, it has a non-return air flap which ensures that heat or energy is not lost unnecessarily.

Features of the AKDY 36″ Euro Style Az610i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood

  • It is brand new
  • Guaranteed low price
  • It has a 4 x 2W LED light
  • Its Euro design is made up of both glass and stainless steel
  • Mount range Hood has 870 CFM
  • Uses 120 Volts
  • Has motor power of around 150W
  • The noise level is below 65db
  • Has 3 speed controls
  • Weighs 68 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 36 x 21 x 18 inches

However, there are a few issues which I have with the AKDY 36″ Euro Style Az610i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood, regardless of how much I love it. It is not one of the easiest to install. It is much longer, therefore, inappropriate for roofs or attics which are much shorter. If the roof isn’t properly sealed, I suspect that the mount range hood will not be as effective, or work according to the manner it was designed to. In order to resolve the installation problems, I decided to set it up on the ground first to familiarize myself with the entire process first.

What I can’t argue with concerning this mount range, is the fact that it is a wonderful addition to my roof.  It looks so stylish and classy, thus making it a welcome addition. The fact that it is quite, and doesn’t produce too much noise, is an added bonus. It vents remarkably well thus keeping the home and the kitchen fresh and free of any unwelcome odor. The product comes with a 1-year warranty, which is only for its parts. The stainless steel is of the highest quality possible, and the blades are Teflon-coated.

From the one month period in which I have used the product, I have noticed that it moves more air than all the other hood ranges I used in the past. I still believe that the manufacturer would have written the instructions in a much better way, which would have made them easier to understand especially when installing it. If the height had been made adjustable, this would also have worked wonders for me. Other than these few complaints, I have nothing other than admiration and nice things to say about this hood range.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 marks.

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