Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAW, White

I was impatient when I ordered this model. Our old microwave hasn’t been doing well lately so I was anxious to get a new one. I wasn’t sure what to expect so when I received the package I started to unwrap it immediately. I was expecting full cardboard box, but all I got was Styrofoam top and bottom covers and wrap in the middle. I didn’t have time to criticize the packaging since I was trying to get it started as soon as possible. There were instructions inside so it was a no brainer. I installed in short time and I was proud of myself.

Since the price wasn’t too high, I didn’t expect many fancy features and I was right. The control panel is nice and it functions well. There were no “mystery” buttons and functions that you don’t need and which usually come with more expensive models. After all, I need to heat and cook things not to do some astronomical calculations. I have my PC for that. There is a defrosting function that I like very much.

As for the main function, it performs well. Very well, I would dare to say. Particularly for the model that belongs to this price range. Some people swear by microwave for cooking and preparing meals while others wouldn’t touch it with a pole. Still, even my buddy, who opposes microwaves, enjoyed the meals made in it. That is, before he found out that the food was “microwaved”. Any way it is a time saver, that’s for sure.

This model has the ability to vent into the room or to use the existing vent. I suggest you use a vent instead of letting it vent into the room. You will save yourself many hours of cleaning the surrounding furniture. Then, there is a noise issue. The fan is not really quiet and if you are not used to certain level of noise you may find it somewhat irritating. Still, I find this one much better than my previous microwave and I am happy that I bought it. Not many models that cost about the same can compare to this one. At least when it comes to its primary function. So, I can easily recommend it to everybody who wants good, solid microwave with basic functions and very good performance. If you want more, then you should prepare to spend more money.

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