Fellowes Keyboard Tray

The Fellowes 8036001 Keyboard Tray is perfect for me since I’ve been having some pain in my left shoulder.  With the help of this tray, I can place my keyboard just above my lap which is amazing.  The mouse tray is great because it will just slide over so I don’t have to reach out so much.  When I am suffering from too much pain on my shoulder, I used a clip board for my cordless mouse.  If I don’t need the keyboard then I can just push the tray.  I couldn’t get anything done without the help of this tray.

Product Details of Fellowes 8036001 Premier Keyboard Tray

  • It can save a lot of workspace.
  • It is a guaranteed product since it is manufactured and designed For Fellowes By Humanscale.
  • This tray has an adjustable height & tilt which makes it easy for your hand and wrist to position.
  • The single lever can help you in adjusting the tilt.  All you have to do is to slide from left to right.

This device works just as I expected.  The height of the tray is adjustable which means that I can place the tray into my lap to that I can type easily.  By using a screwdriver, I can easily attach it under my desk.  When I was assembling the product, I had a hard time figuring out how to adjust the height of the arm for the keyboard.  I noticed that it will automatically spring upwards.  At first, I really thought that the tray arm might be broken.  However, when I attached the platform of the keyboard tray to its tray arm, my problem was gone.  I found out that the height can be adjusted if you push it down or you can also lift if up.  After adjusting its height, it will stay on the height that you desire even when you are already typing on your keyboard.  An important thing to remember is tilting the angle of the tray towards you may not be possible.  However you can tilt the mouse tray towards you or away from you.

I have been suffering from tremendous pain on my right arm.  I think this was caused by the keyboard and mouse which was placed on my desk.  That is why, I have to research for an adjustable keyboard tray.  I have a hard time in making a decision because there are a lot of products.  I chose this product because it has the capability of adjusting its height.


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