Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Description: Indoor HDTV antenna from Mohu, a trusted brand in HDTV, with following technical details:

  • Most sophisticated amplifier available which removes unwanted RF signals and boost the desired RF channel instead.
  • Mohu is a well known brand for Leaf Antenna producer on the market.
  • Light weight of only 386 grams with paper thin leaf. This leaf antenna is easy to install compared to other brand. Leaf is reversible and paintable, which is advantageous to match home decoration. Also it’s mountable on the wall for more eye-friendly space-friendly installation.
  • Package of Mohu Leaf antenna already includes 16 ft of high performance cable.
  • User don’t need to point leaf to specific direction, because it’s already multi directional
  • The device provides generous range of 50 mile radius.




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