Speakal iPig iPod Speaker System Dock, IPIG-W-01


The details of the Speakal iPig iPod Speaker System DockĀ  are given below

  • It has a high quality sound with four speakers and 4 inch Sub woofer with 25 watts of powerful sound.
  • It comes with Adjustable base control that has the Bass Reflex technology and 360 degree resolution.
  • It has an onboard HI-FI amplifier and a dynamic airflow optimizer that produces quality sound.
  • It comes with an iPod dock with various cradles included.
  • It has a standard auxiliary 3.5 mm input jack that provides connectivity to most portable and non portable audio players, gaming consoles, mobile gaming devices cellular phones ,desktop PCs, Laptop and other devices.
  • It has a patented volume control that is accessed by touching the left and right

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