TR-980C Flashgun Speedlite TTL as YN-565EX

  • This flashgun comes with a high precision output : from 1/128 to 1/1, 8 stalls to lose, each one with two fine-tuning compensation
  • Overheat protection provided by built-temperature detection
  • It is compatible with Canon Cameras like 7D/5D II / 60D/50D/40D/600D/1100D/550D/500D/450D etc.
  • It comes with wireless trigger sensors : remote sensing CELL 2 mode for off camera TTL flash sync
  • Features such as quick call back, full output at only 2.9 second recycle time, supporting high-speed continuous shooting, at 1/16 and below the brightness, TR series to support 12EPS shooting and the power saving mode,  make it a great product at a good price.

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