Westpointe MDF-50AEN1-BA6 50 Pint Dehumidifier Review

If humidity levels in your room have increased to levels where you cannot find comfort in there, all that you need is a good dehumidifier. Although you will find many options and choices in the market, you should go one that has been tested and found to work well…and which you can acquire at pocket friendly rates. Westpointe MDF-50AEN1-BA6 Dehumidifier, 50 Pint is the only choice that fits this description.

Westpointe has recently built a brand because it produces products of high quality at affordable rates. This dehumidifier works by drawing in moisture thereby lowering the room humidity. To make matters even better, it is capable of covering room size of up to 3000 ft2. It is the perfect choice for medium sized homes.

Let us have a have a brief look of some of its notable features.

Features of Westpointe MDF-50AEN1-BA6 Dehumidifier, 50 Pint

  • 2-speed fan control
  • Adjustable thermostat – you can adjust it to suit your needs
  • Electronic control panel
  • Continuous drain mode – the external drain makes this dehumidifier to its competitors in the market.
  • 50 pint capacity
  • Full indicator light – when the bucket is filled this light will let you know
  • Can cover up to 3000 ft2
  • Auto shut-off – there is no need of waiting to complete the work so that you can shut it off…it will do that automatically.

My most favorite dehumidifier is Westpointe MDF-50AEN1-BA6 Dehumidifier, 50 Pint. I have had it for more than four months. I can authoritatively say that it holds up perfectly well.  The drain hose attachment works seamlessly.  It has not given me headache like the model I used previously. In addition to working pretty well, it is very easy to set up. The removal and cleaning of the filter is very easy.

The problem with this dehumidifier is that it is noisy. Although it is placed in the basement of my house, I am forced to turn it off at night because its noise interferes with my sleep. I have also found that this dehumidifier is a bit smelly. However, this is during the first week and some few days there after…it used to emit some disturbing chemical smell.

Because it works very efficiently but I find it somehow noisy, I will give it 4 stars out of 5.

Had it not been for the noise, I would give it a full 5/5 rating.

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